How do you book Acoustic Radio?

1. Call/text or email Mike Waterman at 207-752-2449 or

2. How much do you cost?


Depending on travel, venue, number of sets etc...rates start at $800 for basic 2 sets (BTW...WE PLAY LONG SETS...USUALLY 75-90 MINUTES AND TAKE SHORT BREAKS) local area to $7500 if travel and stay is required.


Packages range from $1200-$2500 Depending on your needs...MC, pre-ceremony music, first dances...whatever your needs we have the people and the gear to meet all request.

3. Do you have a following?

Hell of the LARGEST in New England and growing everyday.  We invest a good portion of our fee into Social Media and Ad Campaigns to insure the seats are filled at your bar, lounge, venue!  We have NEVER booked a gig and not been asked back for many additional dates...our goal is to add a new venue to our rotation, not take the money and run!

CALL MIKE...WE CAN WORK OUT THE DETAILS...we are flexible and take all situations into account.  We have a soft spot for new venues looking to ramp up and benefits for a good cause.

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