How do you book Acoustic Radio?

1. Call/text or email Mike Waterman at 207-752-2449 or

2. How much do you cost?


Depending on travel, venue, number of sets etc...rates start at $800 for basic 2 sets (BTW...WE PLAY LONG SETS...USUALLY 75-90 MINUTES AND TAKE SHORT BREAKS) local area to $7500 if travel and stay is required.


Packages range from $1200-$2500 Depending on your needs...MC, pre-ceremony music, first dances...whatever your needs we have the people and the gear to meet all request.

3. Do you have a following?

Hell of the LARGEST in New England and growing everyday.  We invest a good portion of our fee into Social Media and Ad Campaigns to insure the seats are filled at your bar, lounge, venue!  We have NEVER booked a gig and not been asked back for many additional dates...our goal is to add a new venue to our rotation, not take the money and run!

CALL MIKE...WE CAN WORK OUT THE DETAILS...we are flexible and take all situations into account.  We have a soft spot for new venues looking to ramp up and benefits for a good cause.

Upcoming Events


Rick and Mike Acoustic Duo

Cider Press at the Barn, Wolfeboro, NH

New venue in Wolfeboro...Gorgeous restaurant in beautiful location!


AR back at the Legion!

Somersworth Legion, Somersworth, NH


AR back at the Wolves!

The Wolves Club, Sanford, ME

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