A pilot: Discover research from ACS, IUCr, RSC, Taylor & Francis, Wiley and Elsevier

To help researchers find relevant academic papers more efficiently, Elsevier is conducting a joint pilot with American Chemical Society (ACS), International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Taylor & Francis, and Wiley to make selected articles discoverable through ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect is an essential information resource for over 15,000,000 scientists worldwide, and home to many highly respected journals and prestigious society titles.

During the pilot, researchers will be able to search and browse across more than 75,000+ articles in 38 journals from participating publishers, alongside Elsevier content on ScienceDirect.

The pilot brings together each publisher’s unique and high impact academic journal content with ScienceDirect’s capabilities in research dissemination and advanced features for discoverability.

As initial researcher feedback on the pilot has been positive, all participants have agreed to extend the pilot for another six months, until February 2023. This will enable researchers to benefit from the initiative for a full year and help us to learn more about seasonal trends in how researchers discover and access the content included in the pilot.

Easy Access to Full Text

Where available, access to entitled content will be facilitated using GetFTR, a new, free to use solution that enables faster access for researchers to the published journal articles they need.

Below are the 38 journals from participating publishers included in the pilot: