Bended Stories from Bullyville

by Acoustic Radio

Released 2019
Released 2019
Acoustic Radio has been described by many different ways by industry magazines...from "If Green Day and Zac Brown had a baby" to "a modern day Sawyer Brown or Marshall Tucker" constant is killer guitar riffs, some sweet pedal steel and two and three part harmonies Crosby, Stills and Nash would approve of.
Acoustic Radio is tough to pin down on genre...they easily flow from Country to Alt Rock to Alt Country and Americana, providing killer harmonies and sweet rock guitar and pedal and lap steel licks throughout their albums. Described as a "modern day" Marshall Tucker or Sawyer Brown you will find their collection can hold up in a room of all ages and musical taste.

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  • Jan 31
    Back Street Grill,  Sanford
  • Feb 21
    Debut at the Legendary Brunswick!, 
  • Feb 28
    Stripe 9 Brewing Company,  Somersworth

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