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Volume 387

15 November 2022

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    1. Ed. Board

      Article 115245
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  1. Letters & Notes

    1. Mechanochemical generation of perchlorate

      Article 115202
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  2. Terrestrial Planets

    1. Venus boundary layer dynamics: Eolian transport and convective vortex

      Article 115167
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    2. Three-dimensional structure of thermal waves in Venus’ mesosphere from ground-based observations

      Article 115187
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    3. Modeling the production of submicroscopic iron in the lunar highlands

      Article 115184
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    4. Catastrophic rupture of lunar rocks: Implications for lunar rock size–frequency distributions

      Article 115200
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    5. Near-infrared spectroscopy of boulders with dust or patina coatings on the Moon: A two-layer radiative transfer model

      Article 115204
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    6. Thermal conductivity of planetary regoliths: The effects of grain-size distribution

      Article 115211
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  3. Mars

    1. Cellular patterns and dry convection in textured dust storms at the edge of Mars North Polar Cap

      Article 115183
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    2. Ozone vertical distribution in Mars Years 27–30 from SPICAM/MEX UV occultations

      Article 115162
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    3. Early Noachian terrains: Vestiges of the early evolution of Mars

      Article 115170
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    4. The power of paired proximity science observations: Co-located data from SHERLOC and PIXL on Mars

      Article 115179
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    5. Impact craters and the observability of ancient martian shorelines

      Article 115178
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    6. A reflectance calibration method for Multispectral Camera (MSCam) on the Zhurong rover

      Article 115208
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    7. A possible perchlorate-enabled mechanism for forming thick near surface excess ice layers; in the Amazonian regolith of Mars

      Article 115198
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    8. Another one derives the dust: Ultraviolet dust aerosol properties retrieved from MAVEN/IUVS data

      Article 115177
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    9. The magnetic susceptibility of Pleistocene paleosols as a martian paleoenvironment analog

      Article 115210
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    10. Ma'adim Vallis, Mars: Insights into episodic and late-stage water activity from an impact crater

      Article 115214
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    11. Pre and post-landing atmospheric optical depths at the Zhurong landing site on Mars retrieved using a single-image-based approach

      Article 115223
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  4. Outer Planets & Their Satellites

    1. Evolution of a dark vortex on Neptune with transient secondary features

      Article 115123
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    2. Titan's haze at opposite seasons from HST-STIS spectroscopy

      Article 115188
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    3. Cryolava Dome growth resulting from active eruptions on Jupiter's moon Europa

      Article 115185
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  5. Asteroids, Comets & TNOs

    1. The meteor shower complex of comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle based on its cloned orbits

      Article 115175
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    2. Effect of boulder size on ejecta velocity scaling law for cratering and its implication for formation of tiny asteroids

      Article 115212
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  6. Laboratory & Theoretical Work

    1. Stability analysis of first order resonant periodic orbit

      Article 115165
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    2. Investigation of wavelength-induced uncertainties in full-wave radar tomography of high contrast domain: An application to small solar system bodies

      Article 115173
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    3. New practical discrete non-spherical N-body method: Validation with the Brazil nut effect

      Article 115201
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    4. Temperature-dependent kinetic analysis of cryogenic-specific reddish coloration synthesized with cryoplasma

      Article 115152
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    5. 2D and 3D axi-symmetric horseshoe periodic orbits about Lagrangian points: A global grid search approach

      Article 115207
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ISSN: 0019-1035