Volume 75

September 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 127719
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  1. Research Paper

    1. The effects of urban greenway environment on recreational activities in tropical high-density Singapore: A computer vision approach

      Article 127678
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    2. Urban fruit orchards: Biodiversity and management restoration effects in the context of land use

      Article 127686
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    3. Detecting, quantifying, and mapping urban trees' structural defects using infrared thermography: Implications for tree risk assessment and management

      Article 127691
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    4. Compost addition, but not tillage, affects establishment of urban highway plantings

      Article 127688
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    5. The green walk—An analysis for evaluating the accessibility of urban green spaces

      Article 127685
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    6. Can microbial inoculants boost soil food webs and vegetation development on newly constructed extensive green roofs?

      Article 127684
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    7. A tale of urban forest patch governance in four eastern US cities

      Article 127693
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    8. Exploring the potential for development of urban horticulture in the 1960 s housing estates. A case study of Lublin, Poland

      Article 127689
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    9. Envisioning carbon-smart and just urban green infrastructure

      Article 127682
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    10. Exploring public preferences and preference heterogeneity for green and blue infrastructure in urban green spaces

      Article 127695
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    11. In the bleak mid-winter: The value of brownfield sites for birds during the winter

      Article 127690
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    12. Woody invaders from contrasted climatic origins distribute differently across the urban-to-rural gradient in oceanic Europe – Is it trait-related?

      Article 127694
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    13. Does intensive cutting regime maintain lowland dry heathlands habitat? The case study of Milano Malpensa airport (Northern Italy)

      Article 127687
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    14. Soil water stress at young urban street-tree sites in response to meteorology and site parameters

      Article 127692
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    15. A comparison of tree planting prioritization frameworks: i-Tree Landscape versus spatial decision support tool

      Article 127703
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    16. The usage, constraints and preferences of green space at disadvantage neighborhood: A review of empirical evidence

      Article 127696
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    17. Eviction from paradise: Lived experience, psycho-social and health effects of allotment garden loss

      Article 127708
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    18. Urban agriculture and policy: Mitigating urban negative externalities

      Article 127710
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  2. Review Article

    1. Ecological functions and human benefits of urban forests

      Article 127707
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  3. Special issue on Inequalities of infrastructure in the context of healthy and resilient cities

    1. Characterizing the provision and inequality of primary school greenspaces in China’s major cities based on multi-sensor remote sensing

      Article 127670
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ISSN: 1618-8667