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Volume 309

September 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 115329
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  1. Commentary

    1. Ten steps for specifying saturation in qualitative research

      Article 115217
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  2. Review articles

    1. Exploring the conceptualization, operationalization, implementation, and measurement of outreach in community settings with hard-to-reach and hidden populations: A scoping review

      Article 115232
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  3. Regular articles

    1. Lower-class origin professionals in Canadian health and social service professions: “A different level of understanding”

      Article 115233
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    2. Producing paramedicine: Case studies in the medical labor process

      Article 115231
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    3. Cognability: An Ecological Theory of neighborhoods and cognitive aging

      Article 115220
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    4. Anishinabek sources of strength: Learning from First Nations people who have experienced mental health and substance use challenges

      Article 115197
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    5. Best and worst performing health facilities: A positive deviance analysis of perceived drivers of primary care performance in Nepal

      Article 115251
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    6. Gene-by-peer-environment interaction effects on cigarette, alcohol, and marijuana use among US high school students of European Ancestry*

      Article 115249
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    7. Suicide and quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic: Do we know everything?

      Article 115253
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    8. Women's experiences of infertility after the Holocaust

      Article 115250
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    9. Vaccination nudges: A study of pre-booked COVID-19 vaccinations in Sweden

      Article 115248
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    10. Effects of a global budget payment scheme on medical specialty workforces

      Article 115254
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    11. Balancing consumption and constraint: Binge drinking, stimulant misuse, and relational capital among young adults

      Article 115244
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    12. Ownership of change: Participatory development of a novel latent construct for neighborhoods and health equity research

      Article 115234
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    13. Assessing the comparative feasibility, acceptability and equivalence of videoconference interviews and face-to-face interviews using the time trade-off technique

      Article 115227
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    14. “We've all got the virus inside us now”: Disaggregating public health relations and responsibilities for health protection in pandemic London

      Article 115237
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    15. Competing Narratives: Examining Obstetricians’ Decision-Making Regarding Indications for Cesarean Sections and Abdominal Incisions

      Article 115238
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    16. Integrating Citizens Juries and Discrete Choice Experiments: Methodological issues in the measurement of public values in healthcare priority setting

      Article 115223
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    17. Why they willingly complied: Ordinary people, the big environment, and the control of COVID-19 in China

      Article 115239
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    18. Status and correlates of micronutrient deficiencies in slum and non-slum areas of India's four metropolitan cities: Investigation from CNNS

      Article 115259
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    19. Pet ownership during pregnancy and mothers' mental health conditions up to 1 year postpartum: A nationwide birth cohort—the Japan Environment and Children's Study

      Article 115216
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    20. Studying social determinants of health using fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis: A worked example

      Article 115241
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    21. Assessing associations between insecure income and US workers’ health: An IPUMS-MEPS analysis

      Article 115240
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    22. Reluctant Saviors: Professional ambivalence, cultural imaginaries, and deservingness construction in naloxone provision

      Article 115230
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    23. Stroke survival and the impact of geographic proximity to family members: A population-based cohort study

      Article 115252
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    24. Estimating the effect on happiness through question randomization: An application to blood donation

      Article 115255
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    25. Childhood exposure to war and adult onset of cardiometabolic disorders among older Europeans

      Article 115274
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    26. Like a finely-oiled machine: Self-help and the elusive goal of hormone balance

      Article 115242
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    27. Social vulnerability, exposure to environmental risk factors, and accessibility of healthcare services: Evidence from 2,000+ informal settlements in Argentina

      Article 115290
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    28. The politics of public health investments

      Article 115272
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