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Volume 191

Pages 1-244 (1 October 2022)

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  1. Editorial Board

    Page ii
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  2. Molecular characterization of TRIB1 gene and its role in regulation of steroidogenesis in bos grunniens granulosa cells

    Pages 1-9
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  3. Unaffected semen quality parameters in Neospora caninum seropositive Belgian Blue bulls

    Pages 10-15
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  4. PLCζ can stably regulate Ca2+ fluctuations in early embryo

    Pages 16-21
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  5. Short-term preservation of Colossoma macropomum oocytes by different methods and chilling temperatures

    Pages 22-34
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  6. Expression pattern of microRNAs in ovine endometrium during the peri-implantation

    Pages 35-46
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  7. Ameliorate effects of resveratrol and l-carnitine on the testicular tissue and sex hormones level in busulfan induced azoospermia rats

    Pages 47-53
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  8. Post-thaw viability, developmental and molecular deviations in in vitro produced bovine embryos cultured with l-carnitine at different levels of fetal calf serum

    Pages 54-66
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  9. Effect of calving season on metritis incidence and bacterial content of the vagina in dairy cows

    Pages 67-76
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  10. Proteomic analysis of rabbit fresh and cryopreserved semen provides an important insight into molecular mechanisms of cryoinjuries to spermatozoa

    Pages 77-95
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  11. Administration of butorphanol with ketamine/xylazine sedation reduces the negative responses to electroejaculation in rams

    Pages 96-101
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  12. First report on the isolation of Chlamydia abortus from female dromedary camels with ovarian hydrobursitis

    Pages 102-108
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  13. Effects of nutrient restriction and subsequent realimentation in pregnant beef cows: Maternal endocrine profile, umbilical hemodynamics, and mammary gland development and hemodynamics

    Pages 109-121
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  14. Effect of a combination of altrenogest and double PGF2α administrations on farrowing variation, piglet performance and colostrum IgG

    Pages 122-131
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  15. Spliced X-box binding protein 1 (XBP1s) protects spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) from lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced damage by regulating the testicular microenvironment

    Pages 132-140
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  16. Recovering an endangered frog species through integrative reproductive technologies

    Pages 141-152
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  17. DNA methylome of primary spermatocyte reveals epigenetic dysregulation associated with male sterility of cattleyak

    Pages 153-167
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  18. Differentiation of neonate mouse spermatogonia on two-dimensional and three-dimensional culture systems supplemented with d-Serine and Dizocilpine (MK-801)

    Pages 168-178
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  19. An optimized centrifugation protocol for ram sperm ensuring high sample yield, quality and fertility

    Pages 179-191
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  20. Identifying the minimum concentrations of cell-free fetal DNA in maternal blood required for bovine fetal sexing using PCR

    Pages 192-199
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  21. Pregnancy stage-dependent modulation of neutrophil function may impact embryo survivability and pregnancy outcome in crossbred cows

    Pages 200-206
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  22. Mitochondrial DNA content and developmental competence of blastocysts derived from pre-pubertal heifer oocytes

    Pages 207-220
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  23. Vitrification and in-straw warming do not affect pregnancy rates of biopsied bovine embryos

    Pages 221-230
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  24. Protein acetylation protects sperm from spontaneous acrosome reaction

    Pages 231-238
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  25. Superovulation of high-producing Holstein lactating dairy cows with human recombinant FSH and hMG

    Pages 239-244
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ISSN: 0093-691X