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Volume 608

5 October 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 121082
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  1. Invited Research Article

    1. The carbon budget of crustal reworking during continental collision: Clues from nanorocks and fluid inclusions

      Article 121025
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  2. Research Papers

    1. High precision multi-collector 40Ar/39Ar dating of moldavites (Central European tektites) reconciles geochrological and paleomagnetic data

      Article 121026
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    2. Fluid origin and critical ore-forming processes for the giant gold mineralization in the Jiaodong Peninsula, China: Constraints from in situ elemental and oxygen isotopic compositions of quartz and LA–ICP–MS analysis of fluid inclusions

      Article 121027
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    3. Degradation of Hg signals on incipient weathering: Core versus outcrop geochemistry of Upper Permian shales, East Greenland and Mid-Norwegian Shelf

      Article 121030
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    4. Lithological fabric as a proxy for Rb–Sr isotopic complexity

      Article 121041
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    5. A model for pH dependent strontium partitioning during calcite precipitation from aqueous solutions

      Article 121042
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    6. Capturing the short-term variability of carbon dioxide emissions from sedimentary rock weathering in a remote mountainous catchment, New Zealand

      Article 121024
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    7. Mantle helium in pore fluids of deep-sea sediments around the Azores archipelago

      Article 121038
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    8. Radiogenic isotope record of magma genesis and lithospheric geodynamics of the Rukwa Rift Basin, Tanzania, from mid Mesozoic to present

      Article 121040
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    9. SIMS matrix effects in oxygen isotope analysis of olivine and pyroxene: Application to Acfer 094 chondrite chondrules and reconsideration of the primitive chondrule minerals (PCM) line

      Article 121016
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    10. Molecular evidence reveals the presence of hydrothermal effect on ultra-deep-preserved organic compounds

      Article 121045
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    11. Sedimentary lead isotopic signatures in relation to anthropogenic emissions in Asia: A comparative study in the Yellow Sea and Gulf of Thailand

      Article 121046
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    12. Titanite as a tracer for Nb mineralization during magmatic and hydrothermal processes: The case of Fangcheng alkaline complex, Central China

      Article 121028
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    13. Using the triple proxy δ13C–radiocarbon–major and trace elements to understand stalagmite stable carbon composition in Madagascar

      Article 121044
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  3. Article(s) from the Special Issue on Earth’s Volatile Cycles within the Crust-Mantle System: A volume in memory of Dave Hilton; Edited by Peter Barry, Saemi Halldorson, Evelyn Furi, Justin Kulongoski, Gray Bebout and Don Porcelli

    1. Mantle-derived fluids in the continental-scale Nubian aquifer

      Article 121023
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ISSN: 0009-2541