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Volume 307

20 September 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 106842
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  1. Research Papers

    1. Hydro-mechanical behavior of a deep excavation with dewatering and recharge in soft deposits

      Article 106780
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    2. Transparent soil model test of a landslide with umbrella-shaped anchors and different slope angles in response to rapid drawdown

      Article 106765
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    3. Wetting-drying cycle effect on the compressibility of lime-treated soil accounting for wetting fluid nature and aggregate size

      Article 106778
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    4. A methodology for road cutting design guidelines based on field observations

      Article 106771
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    5. Mesoscopic damage evolution of coral reef limestone based on real-time CT scanning

      Article 106781
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    6. Microstructure-based insight into different swelling pressure determination methods

      Article 106777
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    7. Hydrate-bearing sediment of the South China Sea: Microstructure and mechanical characteristics

      Article 106782
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    8. Dynamic modelling of soil-rock-mixture slopes using the coupled DDA-SPH method

      Article 106772
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    9. Temporal-spatial characterization of mining-induced seismicity in the vicinity of a dyke – A case study

      Article 106788
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    10. Dynamic numerical modelling of co-seismic landslides using the 3D distinct element method: Insights from the Balta rockslide (Romania)

      Article 106774
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    11. An investigation of the combined effect of rainfall and road cut on landsliding

      Article 106787
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    12. Deformation and degradation behaviour of Rubber Intermixed Ballast System under cyclic loading

      Article 106786
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    13. The critical states of saturated loess soils

      Article 106776
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    14. 4D electrical resistivity tomography for assessing the influence of vegetation and subsurface moisture on railway cutting condition

      Article 106790
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    15. Dynamic stability assessment of reservoir colluvial landslide using a hypoplastic clay constitutive model considering the effects of drying-wetting cycles on the hydro-fluctuation belt

      Article 106791
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    16. Stochastic stratigraphic modeling using Bayesian machine learning

      Article 106789
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    17. Geotechnical characterization of deep Shanghai clays

      Article 106794
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    18. Effect of sample thickness on the self-sealing and hydration cracking of compacted bentonite

      Article 106792
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  2. Technical Notes

    1. A novel seepage device and ring-shear test on slip zone soils of landslide in the Three Gorges Reservoir area

      Article 106779
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    2. Correlations between pore water pressure development in sandy soil and CAV-based ground motion intensity measures

      Article 106785
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  3. Article(s) from the Special Issue on Geohazards and Mitigation along the Sichuan-Tibet Railway; Edited by Peng Cui, Limin Zhang, Paul Tapponnier, Zhenhong Li, Manchao He and Wenping Gong

    1. Excavation compensation method and key technology for surrounding rock control

      Article 106784
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    2. Initiation mechanisms and dynamics of a debris flow originated from debris-ice mixture slope failure in southeast Tibet, China

      Article 106783
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