Volume 61, Issue 4

August 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 103505
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    1. A salute to John Verrier Jones: one of the founding fathers of apheresis published in Transfusion Science, vol. 16, 1995

      Article 103486
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    1. Editorial: Time to explore the missing links: the cross-talk between COVID infection and cancer cells; lingering questions on the longitudinal efficacy of the front line immunotherapies against unpredictable “Omicron ghosts” and insights from CAR-T cell therapy pointing toward better clinical outcomes

      Article 103490
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    2. COVID-19 convalescent plasma: current status, lessons from the past and future perspectives

      Article 103487
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    3. SARS-CoV-2 and cancer: the intriguing and informative cross-talk

      Article 103488
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    1. Factors influencing voluntary blood donation practice among university students of Bangladesh

      Article 103379
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    2. Study on the antigens and antibodies of Mur and Mia blood groups in southern China

      Article 103378
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    3. Screening of group O platelet donors for high-titer ABO antibodies- limitations, feasibility, and future

      Article 103394
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    4. Educating the educator about patient blood management

      Article 103397
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    5. Blood donation attitudes and knowledge in Spanish undergraduates with roles in health-education

      Article 103416
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    6. Angiotensin (1−7) peptide replacement therapy with plasma transfusion in COVID-19

      Article 103418
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    7. SARS-CoV-2 variants inactivation of plasma units using a riboflavin and ultraviolet light-based photochemical treatment

      Article 103398
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    8. Can therapeutic plasma exchange be life-saving in life-threatening manganese intoxication?

      Article 103417
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    9. Predictors of poor haematopoietic stem cell mobilisation in patients with haematological malignancies at a South African centre

      Article 103419
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    10. Using automation to manage donor engagement and fine-tune supply and demand during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic

      Article 103420
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    11. Therapeutic plasma exchange in pediatric patients with acute demyelinating syndromes of the central nervous system: A single-center experience

      Article 103421
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    12. Unveiling the masked native blood group following thalidomide therapy in a thalassemia patient: A 5 WHY analysis approach

      Article 103422
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    13. The feasibility of multiple units of convalescent plasma in mechanically ventilated patients with COVID-19: A pilot study

      Article 103423
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    14. The impact of immediate adverse donation reactions on the return of volunteers undergoing platelet apheresis

      Article 103424
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    15. Role of therapeutic plasma exchange in the management of COVID-19-induced cytokine storm syndrome

      Article 103433
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ISSN: 1473-0502