Volume 1864, Issue 11

1 November 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 184042
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  1. Reviews

    1. The synaptic lipidome in health and disease

      Article 184033
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  2. Regular papers

    1. The transported cations impose differences in the thermostability of the gastric H,K-ATPase. A kinetic analysis

      Article 184006
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    2. Activation of serotonin receptor 2 by glucosylsphingosine can be enhanced by TRPA1 but not TRPV1: Implication of a novel glucosylsphingosine-mediated itch pathway

      Article 184014
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    3. Natamycin sequesters ergosterol and interferes with substrate transport by the lysine transporter Lyp1 from yeast

      Article 184012
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    4. Change in membrane fluidity induced by polyphenols is highly dependent on the position and number of galloyl groups

      Article 184015
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    5. Combined in-silico and in-vitro experiments support acid-base equilibrium as a tool to estimate the localization depth of 4-nitrophenol within a phospholipid bilayer

      Article 184009
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    6. Purification and membrane interactions of human KCNQ1100–370 potassium ion channel

      Article 184010
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    7. Cotranslational assembly of membrane protein/nanoparticles in cell-free systems

      Article 184017
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    8. Interaction of Lassa virus fusion and membrane proximal peptides with late endosomal membranes

      Article 184031
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    9. Charged hybrid block copolymer-lipid-cholesterol vesicles: pH, ionic environment, and composition dependence of phase transitions

      Article 184026
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    10. Molecular dynamics simulations of the human ocular lens with age and cataract

      Article 184025
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    11. Sub-MHz bursts of nanosecond pulses excite neurons at paradoxically low electric field thresholds without membrane damage

      Article 184034
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    12. Apparent “mild depolarization of the inner mitochondrial membrane” as a result of a possible generation of the outer membrane potential

      Article 184032
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    13. Incorporation of dehydrodieugenol, a neolignan isolated from Nectandra leucantha (Lauraceae), in lipid Langmuir monolayers as biomembrane models

      Article 184035
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    14. Anionic lipids induce a fold-unfold transition in the membrane-translocating Engrailed homeodomain

      Article 184030
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    15. Formation of lipid raft nanodomains in homogeneous ternary lipid mixture of POPC/DPSM/cholesterol: Theoretical insights

      Article 184027
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  3. Articles from the Special Issue on "Proton binding and pH sensing of membrane transporters: From basic science to bio-materials"; Edited by Dr. Mihail Barboiu and Dr. Ana-Nicoleta Bondar

    1. Kinetic study on the molecular mechanism of light-driven inward proton transport by schizorhodopsins

      Article 184016
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  4. Article from Special Issue on "Cryo-electron microscopy of membrane proteins: Structure, dynamics and functional insights:, Edited by: Dr. Vincent Chaptal and Dr. Oliver Clarke

    1. Persistent organic pollutants in model fungal membranes. Effects on the activity of phospholipases

      Article 184018
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    2. Cryo-EM elucidates mechanism of action of bacterial pore-forming toxins

      Article 184013
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ISSN: 0005-2736