Volume 1869, Issue 11

November 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 119351
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  1. Reviews

    1. Molecular insights into peroxisome homeostasis and peroxisome biogenesis disorders

      Article 119330
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  2. Regular papers

    1. Low complexity RGG-motif containing proteins Scd6 and Psp2 act as suppressors of clathrin heavy chain deficiency

      Article 119327
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    2. Identification of immune infiltration landscape on prognosis and therapy of the ferroptosis-related genes signature in breast cancer

      Article 119328
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    3. Chromatin-remodeling factor BAZ1A/ACF1 targets UV damage sites in an MLL1-dependent manner to facilitate nucleotide excision repair

      Article 119332
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    4. Effect of statin on age-related hearing loss via drug repurposing

      Article 119331
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    5. Endogenous tagging reveals a mid-Golgi localization of the glycosyltransferase-cleaving intramembrane protease SPPL3

      Article 119345
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  3. Special section on "Emerging Concepts & Non-Canonical Pathways in Cellular Signaling"; Edited by Prof. Lienhard Schmitz, Prof. Geert Bultynck, Dr. Shazia Khan

    1. Combined role for YAP-TEAD and YAP-RUNX2 signalling in substrate-stiffness regulation of cardiac fibroblast proliferation

      Article 119329
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    2. Voices from beyond the grave: The impact of apoptosis on the microenvironment

      Article 119341
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ISSN: 0167-4889